Protein pancakes on a Saturday morning

Well, morning would be an exaggeration…breakfast really started right after noon:-) My dad would so make fun of me, saying that is morning…the morning person as he is, while I am…well, NOT!

Anyway, a lot of people write food blogs and have great tips on healthy eating. Here is my little tip on American Pancakes that is full of proteins, good fat and is gluten and milk free:

– 1 ripe banana, strirred well
– 2 ts virgin coconutoil
– 2-3 dl soy milk
– 1 ts baking soda
– a few drops of stevia (there are so many different types, so it is hard to give you measurements, because they all come with different strengths)
– 1 dl quinoa flour
– 2 tbl spoons of protein powder ( I use rice protein with vanilla taste, from the health food store)
– any other flour (I use a mix with glutenfree flour), add just enough to get the right consistency. I like it rather full, so that the pancakes get thick, but that is a matter of taste.

Add fruit or berries.

I also use Maple or Aguave nectar (the latter has much lower GI), because breakfast during the weekend is really a treat, but you can easily just drop it and just eat them with fruit.

Kept me full all day, until dinner at 8pm (yes, we tend to eat late, it is my hubbys African heritage, ha ha).

Have a wonderful weekend.

PS. Did you do your breathing and mindfulness today?
Tomorrow I will write about a technique that can be helpful, taken from the Zen practice.


Love, S

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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