Lots of baby blue!

Yes, my whole neighborhood is baby blue, in fact:)

A bit overkill to choose the same color on my coat? Naaah, one can never wear too much baby blue;-)

It has been snowing. I almost said finally, but quickly remembered that I early do not like winter, ha ha. On the other hand, without the snow it has been really gloomy, so I almost have to admit that I prefer this:-) And it is not really cold, just pretty.

Today was just like a Sunday is supposed to be. A lazy morning, waking up with some time to be spooned by my love (yes, only spooning, this is NOT that kind of site!),

brunch at home with a dear friend I have not seen for a while,

solving life`s mysteries and problems, like we do oh so well.

Thanks, Stine

for the pics, and mostly for being you






IMG_4923 IMG_4905

Boots- Selected (HERE, adlink)

Jeans – Levi`s

Shirt – Days like this

Coat – Vila (found HERE on SALE!) (adlink)

Scarf – ebay

Bag- Marc Jacobs

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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