The healthy snack

I had a long day at work, and normally I would fall asleep when returning home, but actually I still had some energy left. I knew dinner would be late, so I made myself a smoothie to keep me going until then.

Berries, Linda Johansen berry powder, coconut shred, coconut oil and soy yoghurt…YUM! Andm it contains a lot of nutrients to keep me going and fill the cells with energy.

I am trying to find more energy these days, as poor health has drained me over a few years. I can not change that, although, I do know how important our fuel is! Every cell is nourished (or not) through what we eat and drink.

I think it is time to challenge some of the old myth and “truths” that I have lived by for many years, like eating a lot of bread and grains, carbs and little fat. I do not believe one type of eating is right for us all, therefore I am tryibg out how my vody is reacting to more fat. I know that I need to keep my energy levels up during the day, and I do believe that our food contains too much Omega-6 compared to the amount of Omega-3 we consume. It is all about balance.

So far, though, noone has claimed that greens are not healthy, so eat them while they are still healthy:-)))



Bon appetit!

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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