I know, I know, my recent updating on my blog has been…well, rubbish! I have not been inspired, I have to admit, but now the daylight is getting longer, I am a bit more energized (will write more about why soon), so there is hope for the future..so don`t unfollow just yet:-))))

How has your Valentine`s Day been? I know it is a bit of a controversial day. Some absolutely love it, some dread it. I kind of like the Scandinavian name for it, which means Day of all Hearts, which to me feels more inclusive for everyone, not just couples, but also friends, family and whomever who is important to you. I do not condone the idea of a day that would exclude anyone, or rather, making someone feel excluded. There is nothing wrong about not being in a relationship and getting flowers and chocolate!

That being said, I am grateful when my husband buys me flowers and gluten free cake, and takes me out to dinner. It makes me feel like we are doing something for the couple, and not just sitting next to one another like we often do and stare in our computers:-)

So, on our way out for dinner, I dressed in blue lace (baby blue, or any kind of blue, is still a favourite), a great new Diane Von Furstenberg wrap shirt and my Chanel hip bar used as a clutch. My little contribution to the 70s, a style that will really make a comeback this spring. I am not a huge fan of some of the styles from the era, but like others, like this classic cut shirt.



IMG_5083 IMG_5076 IMG_5072 IMG_5067


  1. II agree with the day of all hearts! 😉 I spent it with my loved ones Angi and Morten and both got a small greating – I dont think it is a day only for couples – and also I think any day can be a “love” day or a day to show love to the ones that matters to you – with this said – have a great evening and enjoy the rest of the weekend xoxo ❤

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