A change is coming…

…and by that I do not mean spring, although I love it!

The last few weeks I have tried to make some changes in my diet, to see if I can improve my energy (and sleeping for that matter, although I do not know if that is a long stretch). Jeez, I can go crazy trying to read articles and blogs about so many different ways of eating that people swear by, and I have tried (almost) Paleo, grain-free, high-fat, and lots of different small tips on how to stabilize hormones. My tummy tells me what it does not like, by  being nauseated! So, I better just listen:)

I learned how to make fermented drinks like waterkefir and kombucha. That was something I had never heard of before, despite the ancient origin of those drinks. They are made over time, and with live cultures, which makes them full of healthy gut-bacterias that we all get too little of. And when I got a hold of kefir-grains (something to start the process), it was really easy to make. I drink it, and use it in my smoothies every day. 

I am in awe of this fantastic process,where you can see the water come alive and become a juice. It is brewing right in front of my eyes:-)

I have also read about all the phytochemicals in grains and nuts. Just google it, and you will see that it is actually something that excists (no joke!) We do  not know enough about how it affects us yet, research is in progress. But, there are reasons to believe that they have anti-nutrient properties. Easily explained, the grains have phytochemicals to protect them, before them find an environment with moisture, where they can sprout. We humans can not digest that very well. So, it makes sense to sprout them, right?

Or, if you do not sprout them, at least soak them over night  – this breaks down the phytochemicals. So, that is what I have done. 

Chia pudding and a beet-juice for breakfast:-)

I sprout buckweat. But, these days my breakfast consists of a smoothie of fruits and veggies and chia pudding. So easy and tasteful! 

3 tblsp chia seeds, mixed with coconut milk and rice milk, a tiny bit of stevia and some flavor (I use some raw cocoa or frozen raspberries). The chia seeds will expand in fluid, so fill milk first, let it soak a bit before you stir and then put it in the fridge until the next day. 

 Chia is so full of nutrients! It has more Omega-3 than salmon! And around 30% fiber:)


Every morning and another 1-2 times per day I make a smoothie or juice out of greens. And I eat lots of veggies for dinner, like I have always done (but I add some animal protein as well). But the juicing/smoothies allow me to consume an abundance of fruits and greens.

There are so many great veggies to be mixed in, like beets, fennel, celery, bok choi, carrots etc. 

Ever since I started all this, I have sensed a shift in my body!. It is easier to get up in the morning (although, even before my sleeping issues, that was never a pleasure:-), I can stay cognitively more awake than just a few weeks ago and have a bit more energy. I am hoping this is just the beginning!  

 I will keep you updated on other good things happening in my body, and my mind. 

 A documentary that I found very inspiring, was “Fat, sick and nearly dead”, about an Australian man named Joe who changed his life completely after just consuming greens, and has been an inspiration for people around the world. Check it out on Netflix or iTunes, or visit his website rebbotwithjoe.com. 

 Are you interested in recipes for smoothies or juices here?

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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