Ooops – my kitchen is a laboratory!

As I briefly told you before, I went to a course to learn how to sprout grains and seeds. Why, you might ask. 


 Well, in short, grains and seeds are consumed in large quantities today, but our digestive system is not equipped to digest them as is, or even processed. Grains and seeds are protected by a layer of phytochemicals in order to survive, until they find a place with moisture (and eventually light) where they can start to sprout and blossom. So, when soaked, the phytochemicals are broken down, and the sprouting begins, revealing and accelerating vast nutrients, also making them accessible for us! The sprouting not only increases the nutrients ten-fold, it also makes it easier for our bodies to actually take up the nutrients.


 Celine, who held the course, let us taste a wide range of different sprouts, and she had ben made some yummy raw treats made with sprouts. 




Looking forward to when she will be giving a cooking class, so I learn how to use the sprouts even more:) She gives courses in Norwegian, English and French, and many places in the country, I believe. 

My husband says that our kitchen looks like a laboratory now šŸ™‚ 

I have bottles of kombucha (fermented tea) and water-kefir, sprouts and huge amount of different veggies and super-food like dried berries for my smoothies.



It does require some work, and planning. I have to plan my breakfast one or two days in advance. But, it is just a matter of getting used to it. Now I remember what I need to do. And, as far as the slightly time-consuming work….well, let`s be honest, it is very time-consuming to be totally drained of energy as well. Not much gets done, and if it does, it is done slowly, I need a lot of rest and tend to be a couch potato instead of being social or doing activities that I truly do love.

So, all in all, since I already feel better and slightly more energized (and I am positive that it can improve more), it seems to be a great use of my time. In my opinion, no life-improving activities are redundant. 

Do you have any experiences in changes in diet, on energy, diseases or such? 

 If you are interested, there is research to be founds on the benefits of sprouted grains.


    • I would love to learn more about cooking, particularly raw food, using the sprouts.
      So far, I maake granola with them:sprouted buckwheat, soaked nuts and either dried fruit or organic sprouted peanutbutter (The butter I buy though).
      I put them in my smoothie that I drink 2-3 times a day. I put it on top of dinner.

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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