Can you?

What have you been thankful for today?

Reminding yourself of the things that make you happy or that you are thankful for, is proven to help against depression and to improve a feeling of contentment.

Remember, though, to find something you can feel that you are thankful for. To remind yourself of something you can not quite believe in, might cause the opposite effect – your mind and body will protest against you trying to convince yourself, and you might feel worse. So, find something you can believe in, something that actually feels good, perhaps not a 100% (that might not always be possible), but give it a go, find something that tickles that happy-bone!

Being able to get out of bed (yes, it`s a weird one, read the last post, and you will understand:-), having healthy food available to eat, a cafe au lait in the sun while waiting for my car at the garage, my car being in a better state than feared, a smiling man coming home from work, planting flowers on the balcony, my co-workers, meditation, music I want to dance to, evening tea, silence.

Love, Sonja


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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