The unimaginable support

I had to share this picture, because it was so fitting right now.


Our bodies communicate a whole lot, but we are so in our minds (ok, I have to speak for myself, but I suspect I have a whole society with me on this) that we like to dismiss that communication. Also, society and life demands it, at times. But where can you cut the demands? What is really necessary, when you feel your body is telling you to slow down, and what are really your own expectations?

I am thankful that I seem to be able to get out of bed today. I am so thankful for my boss saying to me that when I feel this way, I have no business going to work! Can you believe it? Someone who really understands that I am here because I have pushed my body over the top, for many years, without enough sleep or rest. Someone who supports my wellbeing, despite the trouble they might have at work due to that.

To have this unimaginable support at work, makes me want to give that little extra back. But, for now, I will not. I will wait. Today, I will listen to my body. Today, I will heal. Today, I will meditate and find my inner balance. Little by little.

I hope you all find your inner balance today! Take 3 minutes – that is all it takes – to calm your nervous system down:)

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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