What your body tells you…

Mine talks a whole lot, to be frank;-)

Despite my setback last weekend, I am really convinced that my eating habits are helping. I am back on track after a few days, earlier it would have taken much longer.

Sunday I had serious cravings! I watched e verybody else at a Confirmation stuffing themselves with dessert and cakes (and I could not eat them because of allergies), I got really grumpy, like really! And then I insisted on stopping on the way home to get some candies. I wanted chocolate, I was desperate for it, but found none that were milk free. Shortly after, my body answered with a stomach ache and a poor night’s sleep. Most of the time I treat myself well,but jeez, sometimes a girl just need candy.

What is your guilty pleasure? What do you just need to have?

Today, this was my breakfast:

Chiapudding (made of chia seeds and coconutmilk, put in the fridge overnight). and a smoothie.

1/2 avocado, 1 pear, spinach, 1 Jerusalem Artichoke, apple juice and some frozen mango to sweeten it up a bit:-)

If you want a berry taste to it, add some raspberries ( and I use Linda Johansen Red Berry Powder: pure berries and red veggies, nothing else), and perhaps a cherry on top:-)

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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