The stages to bliss…

Ok, the title is a little goofy…I know it is not that easy to experience bliss…on the other hand, it does not have to be that difficult either. Bliss is not a permanent state, like happiness is not a permanent state, for instance.

When you learn to meditate, at least in the traditional yogic way, you find helpful focus points to keep your mind from wandering all the time. This can be a word, your breath, a picture, a song, anything that you are comfortable with. Your mind will wander, no doubt about it, but just notice and bring the attention back to the focus point. Again and again.

This is called Dharana (in Sanskrit), the effort to keep focus on something to calm the mind down.

When you have practiced Dharana for a while (do not despair if it takes some time, that is quite normal – the good news is that being there, you are working on calming the nervous system down) you might experience that you do not have to put any effort into your focus point, you experience Dhyana. The mind is calm, and you need not to struggle to keep it there, it just is in a state of effortlessness.

Once in a while, you can experience Samadhi. 

It is difficult to explain Samadhi, but you will know when you are there. You will find a feeling of bliss, in lack of a better word. You may feel that you are one with all other beings, with blissful emotions and you hold onto nothing. Someone once asked me how to get there. Well, you have to practice meditation, although you may or may not experience this state. All I can say for sure, is that if you strive to get to Samadhi, you will not get there, because striving to get there is the contrary to Samadhi.

Tonight, in Savasana at the end of my yoga class, I felt Samadhi. Just for a little while, and that is perfectly fine, because in Samadhi, there is no time, the moment is not measurable. I realized how long it has been since I had felt that. 

It felt wonderful, and I take it as a sign that some of the emotional catharsis that I have experienced lately. Wonderful, that is a sign of change 🙂


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