BOOM – he said everything in one line!



Mr waits said everything in just one line.

Ok, perhaps not everything, but, this line hit me with such power a few weeks ago.

It made me realize that the times when I am tired and cranky, unhappy with my body that does not want to do what I want and I curse it a bit, the times I am being a bitch towards my husband (oh, it never happened to you, you say? Oh, really? ;-), expecting that he should have the same household standards as I, the times I am worrying about the future, are not just random or even exceptions. All these moments that I have explained to myself as being just a small part of who I am, might be more important to look at. These reactions come from somewhere (I could start to talk about how our brain is wired, but I will not go there now:-) and they reflect on a thought pattern that, if I investigate, will reappear in many situations.

Mindfulness is a way to investigate our patterns of reaction, and to pause that millisecond before we react like we normally do. So I ask myself who I want to be. And, I remind myself to “do everything you do with love”. It totally changes the day and your outlook. 

Try it for a day!

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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