“Why Equality is better for Everyone”

Ok, ok, I am not turning this into a political blog. But, mind you, politics does affect our lives, all the time, every day!

Attacking capitalism will send me into a whirlwind of discussions I will not even be equipped to follow, I will not go there. And, I think there is no man-made system that works well. Capitalism works well for some, and perhaps that is the reason why it still lives on with such great support.

There are reasons to believe – reasons outlined in research – that capitalism does not work well for the majority. 

I live in a fairly capitalist society, but, Norway is, compared to other countries a lot more socialistic. I know that for some, that is a curse-word, but there are reasons to believe that in a society with less inequalities, you also find less obesity, less incarceration, less diseases and less mental illness, to name a few. There is no good explanation to why it is so, one can only speculate. But, the correlation is so strong, it is difficult to ignore.

It seems like, also here, we tend towards a society where we are less concerned about the well-being of our neighbor, and more about ourselves. We tend to become more individualistic, and not so prone to think about sustaining a system that takes care of everyone. Perhaps that is a trend that is difficult to change by now? But, what if I say that economic and social equality will benefit yourself and your children, would you look into knowing more?

I just saw this TED-talk which strongly reminded me of a great book I read while doing my Master`s Degree, which thoroughly describes the huge differences between countries in social and medical problems, and the inferred reason why. Interesting read! Perhaps give one to your local politician? 🙂

To be found at Amazon
To be found at Amazon

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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