Poetry in pictures


Jumpsuit- Mango Bag - vintage Boots - Yosi Samra
Jumpsuit- Mango
Bag – vintage
Boots – Yosi Samra

Most of my life I have thought that I was not very photogenic. I have never been the typical model-type-ish person, long-limmed and with a heart-shaped face. But throughout the years, I have gotten used to seeing myself, to the extent that I dared getting myself a blog where I portray some of my love for fashion. Or, perhaps I should say style. Style is definitely something else than fashion, it is about being comfortable in what you wear, it is about describing to the world who you are, with no words. It is not about the right labels or money, it is about attitude and the feeling of comfort in the style that reflects yourself. For me, that attitude changes a bit from day to day, as do my emotions, but the general taste and style stays the same throughout the seasons. 

What makes a person interesting is not the physical appearance, not if she is skinny or large. Pictures can capture bits and pieces of our essence. Our emotions. Our attitude. Our hopes. Our joys. Our longing. Once in a while, in that moment, it is captured. And it describes, without words, what I would love to have written in a poem. 

Soon I will show you a collaboration with a wonderful photographer who wants to do what I want to show you. 

Poetry in pictures.

Love, S


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