The lady or the …working girl (no, not in that sense, you naughty!)

I love fashion, no doubt, and I spend far too much time reading magazines, blogs and watching Instagram pictures. I just love the esthetics of it!

And of course, after a while, you find your own style. Style can be found whether you have a lot of money to spend, or a little. It is not about the price of garments, it is about items you feel comfortable in!  Something that feels relevant for you. I dress by emotions. I can not lay out clothes the night before….I do not know how I will feel when I wake up the next day. That is probably why I am a lousy packer, I pack way too much going anywhere, lots of overweight, ha ha.

I am a sucker for anything ladylike, like the 50s dresses. I can watch Madmen just to see the wonderful garments they could wear! But, I do not work in an office in 1950 (perhaps that is a good thing, apart from the fashion!), and I have to wear styles that fit my life, not just my taste, although, I like different styles as well!

My work with children and families requires me sometimes to be ready for activities, sometimes sitting in meetings. The whole atmosphere at work, where most people have to run around in sneakers and jeans, forces me to tone down my dressing. I can not wear heels and dresses every day, even though I would love to.

Firstly, like mentioned, I have to be more practical.

Secondly, people there would see me as a primadonna. Since the word, in Italian, means a great woman, that would perhaps not be that bad, but the associations we have to the word might not be as great, and I would be the one who can not get her fingers dirty….which I am not! I just prefer to keep them clean, if I can 🙂

Anyone else who feels the same way? That they would love to dress up even more? We do not really have a culture for that here in Norway. Yes to more dressing up! You with me??

Love, S


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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