Something new about me, and my new girl crush

Perhaps I did not tell you this about me, but I am a series junkie! 

I love to watch series on Netflix or HBO, and it is sometimes hard to turn it off at night, because I am so into it!

I have definitely seen some good ones (and some not so good ones, of course), lately.  I would name: The one who kills (Danish: Den som dræber), True Detective, Luther, the Fall and Rectify (anxiously awaiting the next seasons there).

All suspense series, I know. I love it. I even love a good scary movie. Or, a bad one, for that matter. I cannot count the number of hours one of my girlfriends and I, would sit and laugh about poorly-made scary movies:-)

Now I am watching Penny Dreadful, a series based on other, older and well known stories, done with unexpected twists and a lot of suspense. The leading lady, played by Eva Green (link to compilation on Netflix), is officially now my new girl crush. The range of acting that she displays is amazing, and now I am really looking forward to her new movie directed by Tim Burton, out next year. In the meantime, I can watch her magic in Casino Royale again….






What is your favorite series at the moment?

(pictures from google)


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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