Saturday in

I wanted to write a poem tonight, something appropriate to my mood tonight, and I came up wit nothing. That is what poetry is like. It is not something I can produce, poetry are words that pour out from pure emotions. Feelings put into words. It is not I like even write them: the poetry write iteself, it is created solely from deep emotions. Perhaps that is why it speaks to so many people:-)
Today, I really felt the inflammation I have had for a few days, now spread to the whole body. So, I had to take it easy. It did encourage me to make some good food, though, for me and my hubby, and share some wine. 

It is tempting to just stay in your sweat pants when you are going nowhere, and sometimes I do. But, it takes the magic out of a relationship, and sometimes of everyday life, if that happens every day (I know a lot of you will not agree, and find me shallow – but this is just my humble opinion).  Just put on a comfy pair of pants and a good shirt, that is all it takes:-) 

And, I wanted to show you my new pocket-extention (bag):-)

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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