On the go, buttoned up

There is no lie that outfit pictures can be challenging to take regularly, after work, before darkness sets in. And, I have had one of my down-periods with no energy lately, and when I am like that getting dressed is not a priority, just resting and sleep is…

But, when I started feeling better, my sister shot a couple of pics on the go, on our way out to shop. We are heading for a wedding in the family this weekend, so I am hoping for some good pictures to show you next week.

Oh, do some of you have the same thing for high-rise pants with buttons, as I do?

I just seem to love them!


IMG_9604 IMG_9606


  1. Flott antrekk! Jeg synes sånne bukser er kjempestilige, men siden jeg er såpass lav som jeg er, er jeg avhengig av å bruke høye hæler til lange og vide bukser, så da blir det ikke til at jeg bruker dem. Synes det er så mye mer behagelig med Sneakers og chelseaboots….:)

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