Put your game face on

Recently there have been campaigns in the media, regarding the pressure that young women and men are facing today. A lot  of that pressure entails how they think they should look. We can not all be fitted into the same mold, but as a kid or a teen growing up today, I think it is hard to feel that you are good enough just being you.

I was pondering what my message to the world is. I am aware that the ones who read my blog are mostly adults, but not exclusively. I admit that I do not choose the pictures where you can see my double chin the most, or where I have a funny expression. But, I do post pictures that I am just moderately happy about, because my blog is about things I love, and perhaps things you love as well, like clothes, poetry and random things in life. It is about showing that you can love fashion and write about it even when you are heading to 40 in wart speed, even when you are what the world considers close to a larger size, although ,I consider, normal. You do not have to be perfect to have an opinion. You do not have to be perfect to post something you are proud of. Or even the things you are not so proud of, why should that be off limits.

I just want to paint a real picture, that is all. 

And some days, I put my game face on, just meeting the world with an attitude. Just because I feel like it. And sometimes the clothes I wear makes it easier to put that game face on, it is as easy as that😜

I am old enough to want to improve my inner self (ok,ok, I do take some facial treatments to improve my skin, in addition to my beloved skin brand, I am it better than that😂. I just want to keep it as it is for a little while, preservation we can call it). 

Today, put your attitude on! 

And collectively we will try to teach our children how wonderful they are, just being who they are!


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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