Raw in my armour

You can not see them, through my armour. The deep cuts. Some scarred, like vague memories of a time I sometimes wonder was truly in my possession. Some raw, they need to be tended to every day, and the rawness barely subsides. You can not see them, without a looking-glass that will leave me unclad without the armor I need to be in the world. Every day. Scar free. On the outside. For my inner life remains silent in me. To pass you unnoticeable. On the outside. ***************************************************************************************Du ser de ikke, gjennom rustningen min. De dype kuttene. Noen arret og som vagere minner om en tid jeg nesten undres på var min. Noen rå som må slikkes hver dag men enda så vil de re-åpnes dag etter dag. Du ser de ikke, uten en lupe som avkler rustningen jeg trenger for å være i verden. Hver dag, arrløs. På utsiden. For mitt rike indre liv forblir stille inne i meg. For å gli umerkbart forbi deg. På utsiden.


I never explain my poetry. Poetry is to be felt ❤

 On a different note: bring your summer items into fall, like here with a long, pink skirt, with knit on top. Low boots or high boots, can be equally cool:-)

Have  lovely Sunday!

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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