Love is naive

“Love is young, it is yours to keep it young, every day, even when your arguments are getting old.

Love is naive, it is yours to keep it innocent, and not to keep it juvenile.

Love is complicated, to give of your love to the other, you have to give little pieces of yourself.

Love is ALL.
Keep it naive.
Keep it young,
and it will be yours.”

(S.D. September 26th 2015)

My mother, aunt, sister and I went to a wedding in my family. My cousin´s daughter got married, and it was such a wonderful occasion, and so lovely to see young love.


Such a wonderful couple:-)

I also have a wonderful sister, and finally she let me post some pictures of her also:-) Family has always been important, and even more so, after losing our brother. It is good to know that we are two – we will get old together, she and I:-)




IMG_9710 IMG_9644IMG_9630


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