A fashionista in the woods!

Our lovely nieces came to visit and we went for a walk down by the lake where we live. It was not a long walk, so I did not put the hiking gear on, but we enjoyed ourselves, stopped to have a meal along the way, and to throw rocks in the river.

My hubby commented that my gloves were not exactly hiking gloves, ha ha, how right is he, but they were better than no gloves, at least that is what I tell myself.

Mind you, I grew up hiking in the mountains and the woods, and I really do appreciate it from time to time. The rest of my family apparently got that I-love-all-kinds-of-weather gene. I think I got my grand´s genes. He would put his nice coat and hat on before strolling down the city, that was his version of hiking – needless to say I dig him 🙂

I just love long gloves, and how cool are they with rolled up knit-sleeves or a jacket with 3/4 sleeves!


IMG_0200 IMG_0202 IMG_0235 IMG_0219 IMG_0212 IMG_0193

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