Caught the morning sun

There is always something new to learn, in this life, and in my trade. It feels wonderful to be inspired, to feel increasingly optimistic towards the work I do with traumatized children. 

And, not to forget, the understanding of my own traumas, or “potentially traumatic experiences” as they are now called:-)

Life is filled with contrasts. It is filled with challenging experiences, but if you look carefully, it is also filled with moments like these; the gorgeous morning sun lighting up the day just before your day starts. We caught a glimpse of it, my colleague and I, just before we headed to the course on Friday, to get inspired. 

What wonderful moments have you had today?

I am sick, but, still, I had people expressing their  concern, I am slightly feelign better, and that makes me feel so much better again.

It may seem superficial, to post pictures of my daily style. I just like the contrasts in life, the simplicity and joy of something I wear for the day, in such contrast to dealing with others mental health, and my own daily health. Whatever brings joy in your life….is good, is it not?

What brings you joy?



Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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