New hair and old silhouette ❤️

I went to my fantastic hairstylist, Iris Jamne, yesterday. I have stalked her for 15 years. Honestly! I hope she does not feel stalked, though (I am pretty sure she does not:-), but I have followed her whenever she has changed location I would show up there! She still works in Hairport, now in a new and very stylish salon in Sandaker, Oslo.

As usual, I was so happy with my new colour and cut. She has not been voted best hairstylist many years, for no reason, she is a genious with colour! 

  So, new hair and perhaps an old silhouette when it comes to my clothing. A coat can prolong your silhouette, but do not be afraid of experimenting with it! 

Put a nice belt on it, and pull it out a bit on the sides, and it will enhance the hourglass figure! Add some lace, sheer socks and a pop of colour, and you have an interesting outfit. 

So interesting, in fact, that a man stopped when seeing me with my cam on the street, and asked if I needed assistance. So, thanks, Jan Inge, for the pictures and the editing tips! 😄



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