Balmaination perhaps?

I love fashion, but I am also concerned about finding my own style, and to not be drawn into every “it” style there is….that is a non-stop train to never being happy with what you have got, and to a society of increasingly spending, buying and tossing away. I am very ambivalent on purchasing a ticket to that train, although, I find myself doing it every so often.

But as a person who loves the esthetics of clothes, novelties are always fun, I have to admit.

And the most talked about novelty now is of course BALMAIN X HM!

So, I will be heading for the pre-shopping tomorrow night, and I have my eyes on a few items. Can you guess which ones? I want to incorporate items that can be used again and again, and that are not outdated after December:-)

Have you found your favorites from the collection?

hmprod hmprod-1 hmprod-2 hmprod-3

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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