Balmanation crazyness and what about sustainable fashion for me?

IMG_0477For the first time, I went for a pre-shopping event last night at h&m. Even though they had organized it quite well, the craziness that occurs when people are let in, is a bit nutty, if you ask me. The items I had foreseen that I wanted, were long gone before I was let in the store. I did get my hands on a couple of nice pieces, because the collection is quite interesting, although it dawned on me that I am spending money on items I am not really in love with.

Part of the crowd
Part of the crowd

So, believe it or not, they will go back to the store tomorrow…and someone else can love them:-)

I did, however get a few gifts in the men`s department, among them a striped wool sweater that I really wanted for myself. I think that is a keeper:-)

IMG_0487 IMG_0494 IMG_0497

Thank you, wonderful Tine for taking your time to snap a few shots while people were passing by all the time. You are such a good sport:-)

 I have been on the path for some time, the pondering on my own contribution to the crazy spending in the society. The money we spend on things (things I love, that being said :-)) compared to what others can afford in other parts of the world, and also the carbon footprints we make, every time we purchase something new! And it dawned on me even more last night.

So, I have decided to (for a while at least) bring you pictures from my “old” wardrobe. No new staples, just new combinations.

Anyone else with me on that?


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