Creativity with what you have. The Missoni trial…

IMG_0593Be creative with your wardrobe staples, and you will multiply the outfits you can make with them. For instance, use a dress as a top, with a skirt. I re-discovered this wonderful Missoni dress in my closet, that I have hardly worn. It is rather short, so it does not go for all occasions, but with different styling, it sure will. Throughout the week, I will show you three different ways of styling it, all very different in my opinion.

Use a brooch as an earring!

IMG_0594IMG_0590 IMG_0599

IMG_0611 IMG_0580 IMG_0613Tonight I am looking forward to good food (I am making a pumpkin-chili soup, yum!) and good company.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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