Joyeux Noêl

Aaaaaah, Marry Christmas, Happy Holidays from the Ivory Coast!

IMG_1322Drinking coconut water and having bbq on the beach, is definitely not a bad substitute for the traditional Norwegian Christmas, I would say.

Despite a bad cold, I am experiencing the magic of Africa, visiting the family of my husband.

We took a bus-trip to the Ocean, stopped along the road for some palm wine, had tons and tons of delicious food, rested on the beach, danced on the beach. And that was just the first day in Abidjan:-)

Africa is new and fantastic, and I am sure it will never cease to amaze me, around the corner you will surely see something you have never seen before, or experience something you have never experienced.

Tonight is the beginning of the big wedding of my husband´s cousin, let the party begin :-)))

PS. it is traditional style, and when in Rome……so tune in soon for pics of us in traditional costumes…..hopefully…the internet connection does not seem to work for me, so uploading pics seems impossible (in a lucky moment I was able to upload this one), so be patient, lots is coming!

God Jul

Joyeux Noêl

Merry Christmas



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