The Lagoon

There is probably not one thing you can not get along the road from Abidjan city to the ocean. Along the busy road, you can stop and buy from men and women selling furniture (remind me again, how people would transport it from the roadside??), fruit (always comes in handy, especially for a fruit lover like me:-), clothes (in case you forgot that extra t-shirt), old car tires (well, you never know when you will get a flat tire), and shots (yes, the alcohol, which so makes sense to sell along the road 😉


We did stop for palm wine, though, and I have to say, it was not bad at all. A local drink worth trying, at least for the experience of it.


 Fresh coconut water on the beach, music, dancing, bbq (the food here needs a chapter of it´s own – so good, and so clean, even with my allergies I have no worries). A little bit of paradise.






 Africa does amaze me, here you have everything awaiting you just around the corner. The contrasts are so vast, turn one street over and you find amazing buildings, art and the ocean, turn the next one and you will encounter what we would call poverty, but really is just a way of life , a living not deprived of love, laughter, strength and hope.


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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