Living la vie en rose








 When I thought the wedding parties were over, we were invited to a friendly dinner at a hotel, with some family and friends. They had decorated the whole back yard down to the water with candles, they played lounge music and they served champagne on the red carpet as we arrived. The ambiance felt magical down there by the Lagoon, right outside the city center of Abidjan. 

The pictures can not show the atmosphere like it is experienced, but I will leave you with some mood pictures anyway. My photographer was on strike yesterday (my husband, who really is not into photography, and was so tired of running around with a camera for me, I can not blame him. Just a little, ha ha. )

It also leaves me thinking about the contrasts of lived life here. I know not every day is a day of wedding parties, but we are shown La vie en rose here, the fancy dinners, everyone making sure we are well taken care of, the best food, the best champagne. This is life here for many people, The Ivory Coast is a prosperous country, with lots of opportunities in a continent slowly in growth. But, there are also people here who have never tasted champagne, never been on a red carpet. The vendors on the street outside here have probably never gone to a bbq on the beach just for the fun of it. Someone yesterday said that it is very elitist, which it is. Coming from a fairly socialistic country, where the contrasts are smaller, I am drawn between the happiness of letting myself be totally enjoying this life, and my conscience for the ones who are making this possible, the ones who work hard every day to please others.  


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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