The end…and a beginning…

  Many, many moments have passed. Moments of joy, desperation, tears, laugher, growing pain, plain pain, new beginnings and hope.

We thought the beginning of 2015 would bring about a love larger than us, a new life, our family. Instead it brought the despair of me losing myself in the complication of my body and mind shutting down as I stopped my medication. And the despair of losing that little angel that would have added to us.

I have grieved, I have been strong, I have listened to my body, I have given too much, I have regained hope.

I have truly seen the value of friendship. The type that is lifesaving. The type that does not expect anything in return. The kind that holds your hand through though times. Old friendship, and to my surprise, new friendship.

People with such a generous soul, people who would stand by me no matter what.

Family. The one I will never take for granted, I hope. The value of someone sharing your history and your future. Even new family for me, here in Africa. I am ending this year here in a foreign place, with them, but regardless I feel at home. Change is inevitable, and sometimes the best thing that can happen. I think that that all translate to a good beginning for the year 2016.


Dressed up, with bare feet, is how I want to start the new year. To add both the beautiful and the relaxed part of life. 

Love, Sonja




    • Takk Chioma! Har ikke delt det tidligere, men tenkte tiden var inne. Livet er ikke alltid en dans på roser. Håper du også får et år som byr på mange deilige oppturer!

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