African life in pictures

I am back home in almost -20 C and dreaming myself back to Africa.

I often joke with my husband, that he, despite living most of his life in the west, still is on African time. Most Africans are truly time optimists, and think they will have time to do everything…and if you come late…the ones you are visiting are probably late also, no harm done, smiles.

And, anything goes!! Like crossing a roundabout exactly like that -across the roundabout, with a small trailer!! Hanging outside of the bus. Running in between a two-lane highway with a bag on top of your head (because you can purchase everything along the road), biking in the highway, keeping up with the cars 🙂

I was impressed, he was keeping up with us 🙂
By the roadside
A common sight…of you want to come home from work, that`s how you do it!

People were in general not happy about my camera, and I have to respect people not wanting their image taken (although,I have to admit, I did some sneak photography, ha ha, but am I excused if I left their faces out? 😉

We went to one of the markets in Abidjan. Holy craziness!! If my husband and mother in law had not watched me like a baby, I probably would have been run over three times by cars. Because although the marketplace is full of people and their stands, I mean full, the cars believe they can pass anyway….

I am almost ashamed, for two reasons; the first one is how much we complain about our work and work rights here, seing these people day in and day out in 35 C and humidity, breastfeeding their children as they are trying to sell their fruits or fabrics. The second, that we as a fishing nation can not get much fresh fish and seafood, and here is a lady with fresh, black lobster on a plate at the market 🙂 Yum, I almost wanted to grab it and run!

The lady with the lobsters
Sooo busy
Work anywhere you can, and bring the family…impressive, if you ask me!


Starbuck´s got competition!
A local newsstand
If you need to transport your livestock, and your car is a bit small, just tie it down by the horns, so it does not fall off…
If in doubt, we are still in a major city 🙂

The taxis in Abidjan were decorated with some sort of acknowledgement and thus protection from God….and after seeing the traffic there, I know why 😉 If you get to a place in one piece, you can definitely say Dieu Merci (Thank God!) because the carpool often looks like the one below…


There are so many ways of life, all merged, but also segregated. The ones who have some property, have barb-wire and security to protect their homes. Others live behind a blanket…

IMG_2022IMG_1833IMG_2440At the second market we were, it was a bit more chaotic, and they were a bit more friendly about us taking pictures.


I am glad this was not the doctor-booth….because I was uncertain of it for a moment 🙂


Downtown we needed a place to go to lunch, and had no idea where to go. we ended up in a small marketplace, where apparently tourist do not go, by the way they were looking at us. People who work downtown go there to have their suits made, their computers fixed and to get lunch. It was a whole in the wall, and the many consisted of two choices, but it is genuine, it is Africa, it is charming. And, my sensitive belly survived it, hurray!


IMG_1993Although people in general were not happy about my camera….people in general were happy, and friendly! I am sure we have something to learn from that!

Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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