GMO and fashion…

Did you know…

…that 80 per cent of the cotton production consists of GMO-cotton? It means that it has been genetically modified to endure being sprayed with an increasing amount of chemicals to keep weed and bugs away. So not only are they spraying our food, they are also using high amount of chemicals on the production of the clothes you wear. The soil is drenched in it to make production easier and the loss of crops less- but, it will not disappear, so that it will eventually affect other plants or water that are digested by us or by animals, birds and fish that we eat…it is known to cause many diseases, among those cancer.

…that whilst we are getting clothes at very low prices, we are compromising our foods, the people who work with the materials and the soil for future generation, for cheap clothes and for the wealth people working in the industry as well as Monsanto (who not only modify the organisms we plant, but also provide the pesticides they are created to withstand, so their role in all this seems a bit fishy…)

Educating yourself may contribute to choosing differently when it comes to shopping.

We have to many, to demand clothes (and food) created in a manner that is not harmful to others as well as to ourselves!


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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