Polkadot-sassy shoes DIY

I have had these shoes forever, but they have just been collecting dust the last few years. I never had the heart to throw them out, because they are made of the softest designer leather (although the color has been worn) and are so good to walk in.

I got this scarf with a similar color and polkadots (gotta love dots, right?), and decided to give my shoes a face-lift.

IMG_2953I cut the scarf in half, and made sure it would not run, by using glue-like fabric you can iron on as you fold the fabric (or, I used my hair straightener, easy!). I made bows of the two pieces, put on some good glue, and let it dry (used clips while the glue dried).


I made sure to glue it on properly how I wanted the bow to cover the shoes, I had to cut the scarf in the end, as it was a bit too long, and glued the end of the scarf to the shoe, so it would not come loose or run.


I love them, they are really feminine and cute, and I look forward to wearing them with black jeans and a black top,  or even with a cute summer dress for a real lomita-look 🙂


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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