Non-GMO and Monsanto

I do NOT trust Monsanto (click to see video). A lot of “independent” studies that prove food to be safe, is payed for by Monsanto, or a daughter company.

I want NON-GMO. I want ORGANIC foods. I want to eat corn, or any other vegetable, as they are supposed to be eaten, not as a high fructose syrup in all kinds of food, that makes us fat, unhappy, unhealthy.

One of their arguments for modifying foods, is that it makes it possible to produce more foods for the population of the world. Wrong – we throw away tons of food in the Western part of the world, it is not like the food is distributed to other parts where it is needed. 

On the contrary, Monsanto tries to give away modified seeds for free to poor countries, but it is not to be nice, they are able to require (by contract) that these countries keep buying seeds from them. All for profit!

Haiti is one country which has a long history of growing their own crops. They are poor, but not in skills. They harvest, they pick out the best seeds for storing until next season, so that they can get a good crop.

Monsanto offered them seeds. It would have been a easy short-term solution for such a poor country to say yes to that offer. But the Haitian government said no. Because the downside to the agreement with Monsanto, is that they are required to not save any seeds, but get new ones from Monsanto again the next season. Haiti want to be independent, and they want to use their natural seeds…


The Haitians really set a good example, if you ask me 🙂




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