The pink tutu

One of my first projects with my sewing machine, was to make something out of this old top, that I have used perhaps one time. It was the wrong fit, too “boxy”, but I love the pink color.


I took the arms off, because they were not flattering on me, and I wanted something without the arms. I bought this very soft tulle on eBay, it had these little dots on it, so I just loved it!  I can not help it, I love tulle!

IMG_3001I cut the lower part of the top off, testing if I could used the fabric for a belt.

I also had to figure out how to make the top more form-fitting, by sewing it in on the sides and just under the chest area, and how to actually get it  off me, ha ha. A zipper on the side became the solution. First time, but it worked!

I folded the tulle in half, so that it became half the length, sew right stitches alongside the top. I pulled the thread so that the tulle got really nice folds, before I sewed it onto the piece that became the belt. To attach it, I decided on buttons, so I made three button holes, to be able to adjust the skirt. It was also a first!

So many firsts, I am very much a novice, but quite happy with the result 🙂


PS it has to be used with a slip or an under-skirt 😉



Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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