Style is a cultural thing

I was invited to a good friend for a bbq, and decided to wear this fabulous dress by Eva Mendez that my hubby got me for my birthday (yes, I know, I am cheating, my birthday is a couple of weeks from now 🙂 )


My friend sent a reminder on Facebook, that her wooden floor does not appreciate heels, and I screamed “crisis”, “what is a party without heels?”, and we both laugh. She said she probably could just have sent the reminder to me, because her other friends would not even consider  wearing any heels 🙂

Outfit_may_29_3Style is a personal thing, but it is also cultural. Within the culture, you find your own way to express your style. In Norway, dressing is typically toned down, both in most professional settings and for leisure. The most important thing is to feel comfortable, dress the way that expresses yourself. You do not have to blend in, dear to be bold.

Outfit_may_29_4And, if you have garments you love, they are not made for hanging in the closet -use them! And have fun, most of all.



Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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