I really cherish my good friends. They are so important to me. Together we can laugh, cry, be silly, listen, talk, be silent. They know everything about me, and embraces all of me. That is so valuable, especially in times where I am critical to myself, or life is a bit rocky.

And life is. Rocky. It gives us a breather sometimes, but then, suddenly, it throws at us that steep uphill again. Right now I am having a breather. Things have been easier, I am feeling more at ease, because taking care of my needs has helped my body stabilize a bit.

So I am taking advantage of that, having play-dates with my friends. My good friend took me on a trip, on a ship, where we just had fun and leisure. I have to recover after a fun night out, no doubt, but to feel like I have the freedom to have that night out, is priceless. Freedom, as in having enough energy to be able. Capable. Because, after all, how would we be able to go through the rockiness of life without the laughter:-)

Enjoy the laughter. Store it. Remember it. It will come in handy, when you start walking uphill again ……


Please share your comments, views, opinions!:-)

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